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We start the new financial year with a restock of the delicious Swartland chenin blanc called Tobias Steen, a tiny production, minimal-intervention wine from the hyper-talented young Bryan MacRobert. Ivy and Chiswick Gardens in Sydney took most of the first shipment and we were knocking back requests from all directions. Now we have the last 17 dozen bottles of the vintage, so be quick. We've also got new vintages of Sequillo red (2011) and white (2012) from the Swartland legend Even Sadie, plus his 2012 old-vine Skurfberg chenin blanc.

We have more 2012 Flower & The Bee red (souson) now available; two more pallets from Alicante artisan Rafa Bernabe after three of the first six wines sold out in a week; and more whites from Valter Scarbolo in Friuli.

We have new champagne from Francoise Bedel and Christian Etienne that will be offered to the mailing list in the first week of September.

Also fresh in are new wines from Mark Angeli, Olivier Lemasson, Thomas-Labaille and Sebastien Riffault from the Loire; Hervé Murat and Pierre Guillemot from Burgundy; Christian Ducroux and a range of wines from Maison Jean Loron in Beaujolais (including the ageworthy St Amours of Domaine des Billards); Guillemot-Michel from Viré Clesse in the Macon and a pallet of 2012 AC Chablis under screwcap from Alain and Cyril Gautheron.

Our much-delayed container of mostly 2012 riesling from Germany from nine of our exclusive producers (AJ Adam, Eva Fricke, Emrich-Schonleber, Fritz Haag, Rebholz, Willi Schaefer, Schloss Lieser, Schmitges and Zilliken) is also here now. The arrival of this container will help cover the shortfall of the 2013 vintage, with producers able to bottle only about half of a normal vintage.

The next shipment from South Africa will include the 2012 Sadie Family signature series and the 2013 old vine range, new wines from Dombeya in Stellenbosch, and new vintages from Ataraxia in the Western Cape. From New Zealand we will soon have a new star from Marlborough, Takaki Okada's Folium sauvignon blanc and pinot noir.

We will fill another three containers from France, one from Spain and one from Italy as time and money allow in the second half of the year, and there are still plenty of exciting new wines to reveal.

The best way to stay up to date with all the arrivals is to join our mailing list. The link is in the menu at left. It just takes your name and email address and you're set. Of course, you have to be over 18 years to order and take delivery of wine.

Any questions, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Welcome to the Eurocentric Wine Imports website. We hope you find it straightforward and functional. We'll redesign and relaunch the site sometime soon, but for now we hope you can find everything you need. Please let us know if you can't!

Our goal is to supply the best wines we can find at great prices and in perfect condition. We are the exclusive Australian importers for almost all we sell. The wines are chosen with compatibility to food in mind, with the focus on quality, enjoyment and respect for the environment.

Check the menu at left and read the following information to see if that satisfies your inquiry.

Restaurants, bars, retailers

For trade buyers, there is a credit application in the menu at left that can be downloaded. Please print the PDF, fill it in, advise of any special delivery requirements, scan and email to accounts(at)

The trade portfolio is updated monthly but the password stays the same. Phone Neville on 0405 232349 or email sales(at) if you don't have it.

The public catalogue contains all the reviews we have seen on our wines in case that helps you with marketing. A major update has been on the to-do list for years. Who knows if we will ever have time, but google is your friend! This list does not include prices and is not password protected. If you would like bottle shots or jpegs of winemakers, labels, vineyards etc, please let us know and we'll email what we have.

Retail customers

If you can't find our wines at your favourite retailer, why not ask that they consider stocking them! Failing that, we carry the full range in our online store, which you can access from the menu at left. Wines that might be too expensive for stores to carry in stock and are in extremely limited supply such as beerenauslese, trockenbeerenauslese and eisweins from Germany are available this way at much lower prices than would normally be the case. You'll also find bin ends -- those last few bottles of various wines that might not be big enough to make up an order for trade buyers. You can pay through a secure link by Visa, Mastercard, Amex or bank transfer. By law you must be at least 18 years of age to buy and receive delivery.

You can also record your name and email address at the link at left to receive special offers and pre-arrival deals.