Eurocentric Wine

Schedule of arrivals

Our three-month forecast for import arrivals:

From Italy: Venchiarezza, due late June
From Italy: Gianfranco Bovio, Giuseppe Cortese, Arnaldo Rivera, Venchiarezza, due late July
From South Africa: Chamonix, Bryan MacRobert, Natte Valleij, due late July
From France: Mark Angeli, Adrien Berlioz, Gilles Berlioz (NEW), Bernard-Bonin (NEW), Jean-Marc Burgaud, Etienne Calsac, Clos Bellane, Arnaud Ente, Benoit Ente, Faury, Michel Gay, Geoffroy, La Parcelle, Aurelien Lurquin, Oudin, Pattes Loup, Poete (NEW), Poitout, Prince Estivac, Roulerie, due late July
From Germany: AJ Adam, Schafer-Frohlich, Stefan Winter, Zilliken, due late July

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