Eurocentric Wine

Schedule of arrivals

Our three-month forecast for import arrivals:

From Italy: Ca' di Rajo (Treviso), due August 20
From France: Balivet, Betes Curieuses (NEW), Burgaud, Etienne Calsac, Clotaire Michal (NEW), Geoffroy, Christophe Mignon, Nowack (NEW), Lurquin (NEW), Pattes Loup, Prince Estivac, due late September
From Italy: Venchiarezza (Friuli, NEW), due late September
From South Africa: Dombeya, Bryan MacRobert, Natte Valleij, due late September
From Spain: Antonio Arraez, Celler Frisach (NEW), Finca Bacara, Torito Bravo, due October
From France: Bieler, Burgaud, Estezargues, Ilarria, due October
From Germany: Fritz Haag, Schloss Lieser, Stefan Winter, due late October
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